An Irish Funeral

Grandpa had quit drinking years and years ago.  However…….he still knew how a good drink could make someone feel.  🙂  He told me shortly before he passed away that he’d like an “Irish Funeral”.  Well, I had NO idea what an Irish Funeral was so he explained it to me.

When the Irish die, it is a time of celebration.  A time of remembering all the happy times of the departed’s life.  You are to drink and be merry and if for some reason you get sad, all of the people there are to lift you up and help you remember all of the good times.

SO… my Grandpa’s repast, I brought a bottle of Irish whiskey, Jameson, and made everyone do a shot of it and do a toast in his honor.  After they drank their shot, they were to turn the shot glass upside down and place it on the table next to his picture.  When the dearly departed looks down from Heaven, they count the empty shot glasses and know that that was how many true friends they had in life. 

Obviously, Grandpa had many.

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One Response to An Irish Funeral

  1. Musi says:

    That’s awesome! Grandpa was truly loved.

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